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Imonex ClearToken Guide!
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R7 Series for Staber washing machines
Imonex R7 Series for Coin Laundry
Front/side view (EM board side) of R7 Series for all Staber washing machines

Imonex R7 Series for Coin Laundry
Front/side view of R7 Series for all Staber washing machines

Imonex R7 Series for Coin Laundry
R7 Series with EM Board & Optics for Staber washing machines (close-up of the dip switches)

The Electronic/Multiplier board (EM board) allows you to accept higher valued coins.

Accepts single or multi coins in one coin slot.

Validates up to four coin/token combinations with two values. This allows you to take the quarter and dollar coin, and also use two tokens with one token being the value of the quarter and one token being the value of the dollar coin. Token/quarter models are available with the token having an equal or higher value. Models for international coin multiplying are also available, for example: 1 Euro/50 cent

Fast coin insertions do not jam the coin drop.

Accepts bent, damaged, or dirty coins while providing excellent fraud protection.

Virtually accepts all international coins.

Think about converting back to coin by using IMONEX® if you’ve been experiencing customers that are scared off by smart card or debit card systems.

Click here to see the benefits of using coin instead of card systems.

A lockout is optional for this coin drop. A lockout will not allow your customers to put in coins if the power to the machine is turned off.

Transformer optional from IMONEX® to convert your machine to low voltage.


  • Can be set up to totalize currency to a preset vend amount before sending a credit pulse to the machine
  • Built to withstand the dirty environment that a Laundromat can put on a coin drop
  • DIP switch programmable
  • Covers over the DIP switches to protect board from dust and lint
  • Labels on wires for easy installation
  • Overpayment option
  • Pulse length is DIP switch programmable for 10 or 150 millisecond timing
  • More than ten different settings for millisecond timing
  • Multiplier is DIP switch programmable for one or two pulses for the lower currency coin, or two to eight, or ten pulses for the higher currency coin
  • Vend amount is DIP switch programmable for up to 63 times the lower currency coin
  • Operator feedback via a bright LED for power on and pulse output indication
  • Remote mountable
  • Operates with 12-24 Volt DC or AC power
  • Lockout (optional)
  • Circuitry protected from power surges, shorts or incorrect wiring
Manual for IMONEX® Staber washing machines

Drawings & Technical Information on Electronic/Multiplier board (EM board) & optics